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When it comes to learning contracts for university students, having a template can make the process a lot easier. A learning contract is an agreement between a student and a faculty member that outlines the student`s learning goals and the steps needed to achieve those goals. It can also include details about assignments, deadlines, and other expectations.

Here are some key elements to include when creating a learning contract template:

1. Student Information: Include the student`s name, major, and contact information.

2. Learning Goals: Clearly define the student`s learning goals for the semester or course. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). For example, a goal might be to improve writing skills by earning a B or higher on all written assignments.

3. Learning Activities: List specific activities the student will complete to achieve their learning goals. These may include readings, assignments, projects, research papers, and presentations.

4. Evaluation Criteria: Establish how the student`s progress will be measured and evaluated, such as grading rubrics, feedback, or self-reflection.

5. Timeline: Set out a timeline for completing learning activities and achieving goals. Include specific deadlines for submitting assignments, completing readings, and other required activities.

6. Communication Plan: Establish how communication between the student and faculty member will occur throughout the semester, including regular check-ins, email correspondence, and/or in-person meetings.

7. Consequences for not meeting expectations: Outline the consequences the student will face if they do not meet the expectations outlined in the learning contract. This may include reduced grades, additional work, or a requirement to redo specific assignments.

By using a learning contract template, students and faculty members can develop clear, measurable learning goals and establish a plan to achieve those goals. With regular check-ins and feedback, the learning contract can serve as a useful tool to help students stay on track and meet their academic objectives.